Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Erroneous ATM Transaction Reporting-FOREX card

This is a quick information on erroneous ATM transaction resulting in loss of money--Error related to FOREX card is discussed here but its applicable for all sorts of ATM cards:

Scenario :
The ATM machine dispensed less amount than what you have entered while doing the withdrawal transaction but the entered amount have been debited from your card. You opted for a receipt but ATM didn't print the receipt as well.

Action required:
Immediately contact the BANK which issued you the FOREX card and lodge a complain with them. Provide them the date/time information about the transaction; the ATM you used; location of the ATM; amount you entered; amount you received; amount that was lost in the transaction and take down the reference no. for your complain. The issuing BANK should be able to follow up with the bank to which the ATM belongs.

What happens in the background - How it can be resolved?
Resolution to such issues is simple as every ATM on this planet maintains a LOG and TRACE file for each and every transaction done using that ATM and sends it to a log location monitored by the bank.Internally the bank can verify the transaction sequence by looking at the LOG and should be able confirm the validity of your complain and if found valid then the bank should credit the amount back to you that was lost in the transaction.
There are other ways also to look into the transaction details and if you are interested in knowing them then just Google.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

“Time to BREAK the hierarchy”

“Its team work that works “-We all hear this statement almost everyday, then why
we still have so many positions to identify each one of them as individuals? The answer to this question would be to identify them and their responsibilities, which mean we identify them as individuals responsible for set of tasks. But our experience shows that a team cannot be successful if each one is recognized as a separate entity. And that’s the thing which doesn’t work and leads to poor work quality and inefficient team causing cost overheads.

It’s high time we get rid of that hierarchical team structure. It only leads to communication gaps, ego clashes, lobbying and dirty office politics in the name of being
a smart professional. We need to focus more on the skill set and experience of the team
members in carrying out the business as usual tasks with good turn around time. The knowledge level among the team members should be uniform (let the aspiring leaders take some role in active politics).Now this is tricky, gaining knowledge is a gradual process and some one will always have more knowledge than others as he/she started before others. So what’s the deciding factor? ; Its ‘time’.

People should not be distinguished by how much years of experience they have but they should be distinguished by the amount of time they take to carry out a task as compared to others. And number of challenges they have overcome as compared to others.
So, the hierarchical team structure can be made linear as follows:

Team leader (takes 10 minutes to finish task A) àSSE (takes 15 minutes to finish task A)à SEà (takes 20 minutes to finish task A) à ASE (takes 25 minutes to finish task A)

SSE-Senior Sw.Engineer; SE-Sw.Engineer; ASE-Associate Sw.Engineer.
Why ‘linear’ because they all are at the same task level.
The above concept (which is quite competitive in nature) will not only improve the teams’ productivity but will help to make fabulous work plans with fixed deadlines on minute to minute basis .This will improve the existing estimation techniques and the estimation tools will throw effective cost estimates rather than the present calculations by a TL who doesn’t get a chance to work with the team but just takes status of work from their direct reports.

So, now focusing on the title of this article “Time to BREAK the hierarchy”, yes what ever you have read so far was just a starter now the main course follows:

As discussed above the linear team structure consists of titles not on the basis of their seniority but on the basis of time they take to accomplish a particular task, to be more correct - group of tasks. So, the notion over here is that you need to call each individual with the group’s name to which they belong. That sounds fanatically silly, we will demote a person from current hierarchical SSE level to the linear ASE level just because he/she takes more time to finish a silly task as compared to the linear SE level resource; not really okay. We are not going to disturb the legendary hierarchical structure; we will just modify the “Work Allocation Model” within a team.

You guessed it right; we are going to group people on the basis of time they take to carry out business as usual tasks. And then prepare our work plan, putting the group title and not individual name. So, this means we are moving people to more granular level i.e. to the task level; yes we need to move people from hierarchical project level to linear task level.

So here are the steps for putting in place the process to BREAK the hierarchy:

Record the time taken by each team member to accomplish a particular task (which cannot be broken done further), set of tasks and any special task which involves working with other hierarchical team member.
Group the tasks on basis of priority and severity.
Now name each of the task group with some friendly words as “Superman”,” Spiderman” and “He-man”; I like that smile on your face (after all we all are here to improve the way the world works and lives) or you can opt for more traditional group names as Group-A,B and C L
So let’s deal with some sophisticated stuff, the group “He-man” would be the one
to deal with “critical tasks”, the group “Superman” would be the one to deal with
“sophisticated but not critical tasks” and finally the group “Spiderman” would be the one to deal with “Routine tasks not so critical not so sophisticated but needs to be done”
Now put each team member in the particular group on basis of the time they take
to accomplish the task(s) which makes that group; obviously the selection
criterion would be the time each team member takes to accomplish a particular
task. So, if he/she is in a particular group then it means he/she has the best turn
around time to finish the task under their group as compared to other team
members in different group.
This may lead to members been put in multiple groups, here you need check whether the task(s) of clashing groups needs to be performed at the same time. If no, then the member can be utilized in both the groups but if yes, then you need to consider criticality of task(s) and rank the task(s) accordingly and then put the particular member in corresponding group. So, if the member is in both “He-man” and “Superman” group and these groups have overlapping tasks then on basis of the criticality of the task(s) he/she will be put in “He-man” as its criticality is more than “Superman” and if required his/her appropriate substitute should be put in “Superman” group, this may require some tough practice sessions to improve the turn around time of the resource.
Now you have the categorized groups and ready to make your work plan with
improved estimates on minute to minute basis.

So if some day above is implemented then you will hear some thing like this in conference calls – lets’ put some “Spidermen” to help out “He-men” or we need more “Supermen” so let’s train some “He-men” to keep the things rolling.
Do you think it’s a COMMUNIST approach? Well I say we are redefining DEMOCRACY to meet the need of the hour.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Born to Die but Live to Keep The Country Alive!!!

Life starts with the first cell---'Zygote'
Hmmm so conceived and born is human
conceived and unborn is also human
'Never conceived but takes birth in form of a human' - should this be a new defination of a super-human or GOD??? Because anything that you see around in flash and blood goes through the cycle of conception to birth and the grows to the form with which it walks the planet and the key to its feature is the way it was conceived; we were never able to create a super-human or GOD with tremendous power as depicted in our EPICS or the MYTHOLOGY because science never found out how they were conceived...were they or not???You can laugh on this...thats what I am doing but you know what ,there lies the reason why WE WAIT FOR OUR SAVIOUR....WHY WE DEPICT OUR GOD AND GODDESS WITH WEAPONS...WE WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO LEAD,TAKE INITIATIVE...ARE WE A WEAK RACE and our ancestors realized this eras before and they created all these EPICS ,GOD and GODDESS so as to give us strength to bear the pain which is caused to us because of our cowardness or to be politically correct our "utmost restraint"? we wait till the misery is forgotten and we call it our resilient spirit.
So, now don't wait for that SOMEONE who will come and help us get our honour back because in this era even GOD needs to be conceived first and cannot just come out of no where....

Now, either you live with a MISCONCEPTION that everything will be 'ALL RIGHT (world hold on)' or think about an initiative (a THOUGHT in your mind) that you are going to take so as to make this country a better place to live and work and stop this $h^%%$&^%^&t further and will rise up with all your energy to take care of our country,our people and control of THEIR territory!!!

Yes, a thought is never conceived it just takes birth in your mind...GOD is a thought!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

LiTtLe !!!

Random lines that crossed my mind (I see you) !!!

she responds to the name of LITTLE;
will talk to you if she finds you entertaining,
She likes to be pampered a LOT;
will make you laugh with her sweet talk,
she wants to be a little fairy;
expects happiness and a life deary,
She has the world's cutest eyes;
will make you speechless with her cries.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Years of Experience vs. No. of Challenges overcome

I was in a conversation with one of my superiors about things which makes a person highly employable ;she said that a persons' knowledge level and ease to perform are common factors and these depends on the no. of years of experience he/she has.Well...This may be true for some professions where you keep doing/practicing the same things (we can Google around for such professions) but not for professions where you get new challenges everyday.

I believe a persons knowledge level and ease to perform depends on the no. of challenges he/she has faced in their functional field of work.For example there are two persons, first Person A and second Person B.Now, Person A has 3 years of experience in field of work -QC and Person B has 1 year of experience in the same field of work -QC.Person A has overcome 43 different challenges in the duration of 3 years and failed 10 Challenges and Person B has overcome same 43 challenges in the duration of 1 year and failed 3 Challenges.In my opinion both of them are at same knowledge level.I know the HR people will not agree with me and will think Person A is more employable than Person B but think on it in this way if Person B has a potential to level the no. of challenges with Person A in less amount of time then he/she is definitely going to perform better than Person A.There is a catch some people may argue that with each year of experience a person grows wiser but that's just an assumption we need to drill down to the task/challenge level to analyse that person's skill and expertise.

So, keep taking on new challenges to grow in your career rather than riding on the no. of years of experience you have.Because people may regard you as a history book rather than an expert.

Saturday, February 24, 2007



A "Mentor" as defined conventionally is regarded as an advisor. My view is that he/she should be a person with an analytical attitude towards every aspect of life and should possess ready to implement ideas. Why, because "Mentor" should be able to "Mend" and "Sort" a person's weaknesses and strengths.

Types of this process can be:

1. Mend and then Sort:

This approach is for the person who has good aptitude but poor attitude. So, first they need to improve on their attitude.Mentor has to Mend them with his/her knowledge and experience. Then the mentor should Sort the person’s level of knowledge on various fields and advice accordingly which area to choose to achieve high career growth.

2. Sort and then Mend:

This approach is for the person who has good attitude but poor aptitude. Here the
Mentor has to Sort the person’s level of knowledge on various fields and advice which area he/she need to improve on to be successful in the long run. As this sort of person
has good attitude so, the mentor just need to polish it with his/her advice as to how
that person should promote himself/herself while hiding his/her lack of knowledge.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Appraisal:Turn the problem on it's head.

well....we all talk about the painful experience we had with the appraisal process....but the bare truth is "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent".Guys, just think how much time you spent in upgrading yourself with new methodology, practices and tools; not much right because you are busy sharpening the skills that you posses from the time you started your career (so, is it that you never deserved a promotion).Bull's eye we found the solution.....very simple and can be put in below steps:
1. Find out the weak area in your project/business/task. I am sure there are lot of them which were never looked upon due to lack of knowledge and expertise within the team over that area.
2. Yes, the "Eklavya way"--{not the movie (catch it on 16thFEB2007) but the Mahabharata tale} Just start learning about the weak area, gather information from any where and every where (this web world is the best source) and upgrade your knowledge, make yourself skilled on it. And yes, this you have to do very silently (don't even tell this to your wife) and within fixed time line. (That you appraisal hungry people can very well estimate)
3. Once confident, start shooting your newly acquired skill to other employees through emails, memo and may be fax too. Start projecting yourself as master of the newly acquired skill and start the process of improving the weak area.
4. Take initiative and brain storm with other team members to come up with ideas on how to improve the weak area, mind you, here you have to use the knowledge you acquired to establish yourself as the master.
5. Once you see any idea working, dig deep into it and document every thing and propose the solution (give credit to the person who gave the idea) and its implementation.
6. No No don't stop you are the one who will take lead and implement the idea till it's in concrete shape.
7.Promote promote yourself as the one who made the WEAK area within the team so STRONG that it's now culminated to INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY and is making way for OTHER IMPROVEMENTS(mind you ,here is the stage for the next appraisal).
Go on, what you are waiting for.......